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There is a beautiful story about a photographer named Tomasz Tomaszewski.

One day in Mexico he found an Armadillo on sale for 3o pesos. He bought the little animal and then drove into the jungle to release it. He knew that if he didn’t do that then the animal would land up as soup on someone’s table.

As the Armadillo walked into the jungle it looked back at the photographer as if it couldn’t believe it’s luck.

He then called back his daughter Maryna that night.

It was her 17th birthday. He told her , ” Your present is one happy Armadillo.”

This site is about the beautiful world of animals.Through this Weblog we  hope to bring about a sense of love and appreciation for nature’s animal creations who through some celestial design and reason  have a role to play in our bio and eco -systems.

We don’t think they’re created in vain. Nature doesn’t play games without a purpose.

Unfortunately, many of nature’s rare and beautiful species are being driven to systematic extinction as a result of human greed for money and lust for sport.

Let’s live and let them live unless they threaten our existence.

The Armadillo:

Armadillos are small mammals with a leathery armor. Armadillo in Spanish means  ‘ The little armored one’. These creatures dig for food and mainly eat insects, grubs or ants. They escape predators by getting into thorny patches where their skin protects them.

The animals are natives to the Americas.



  1. Is the story about the photographer true?

    He must have been a genuinely good person.

  2. Absolutely true. He’s a national geographic photographer. From Poland.

  3. I think I’ll look up some of his work.

  4. Great

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